In this codelab, I will be showing you how to use and configure the Solace connector on MuleSoft Anypoint Platform to send or receive events.

The MuleSoft Anypoint Platform is an integration platform and acts as a complete solution for API-led connectivity.

To learn more about Mulesoft Anypoint platform, checkout the following resources:

MuleSoft Videos - Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft Developer - Quick Start guide

Solace PubSub+ Connector - Mule 4, Documentation and Examples

So put your seatbelt on and tag along in the following steps!


To run this codelab all you need

  1. Access to a Solace PubSub+ Event Broker (Cloud, Hardware, Software Image)
  2. MuleSoft Anypoint Account & Anypoint Studio

Access to a Solace messaging service, Solace PubSub+, can be achieved in anyone of the three flavours

  1. Hardware Appliance
  2. Software broker image (Docker, Virtual image)
  3. Solace Cloud service instance

If you already have a Solace PubSub+ Cloud account, you can skip this step

This tutorial will walk you through setting up a Solace Cloud service instance. If you are interested in setting up a local broker running on Docker or a virtual machine check out the PubSub+ Event Broker: Software documentation

Sign up for free Solace Cloud account

Navigate to the Create a New Account page and fill out the required information. No credit card required!

Create a messaging service

After you create your Solace Cloud account and sign in to the Solace Cloud Console, you'll be routed to the event mesh page.

Solace Cloud Event Mesh Page

Click on β€˜Cluster Manager' and all the messaging services associated with your account will show up if you have any already created. To create a new service, click either button as depicted in the image below:

Solace Cloud Landing Page

Fill out all the details for your messaging service, and then click "Create" at the bottom of the page.

Create Solace Cloud Messaging Service

Your service should be ready to use in a couple seconds! πŸŒͺ

If you already have a MuleSoft Anypoint account and Anypoint Studio, you can skip this step.

Launch Solace PubSub+ console and select the Broker PubSub+ Broker

Select the Broker and open the Connect tab PubSub+ Broker

Open the Connect tab and make a note of the parameters

PubSub+ Broker

Now, we can configure Solace PubSub+ Connector in the Anypoint Studio.

In order to create a connection to Solace PubSub+ Broker, we need to create a new connector configuration. Select the "Global Configuration" in the flow and select "Solace PubSub+ Connector config" option solace-connector-configration

In the popup dialog, in the Connection tab enter values for Client Username, Password, Message VPN and Broker Host with the noted values from the previous step. solace-connector-configration

Click on "Test Connection" to ensure that the connection to Broker is successful.

Now that the connector is installed, go ahead and navigate to src/main/mule and double click on the xml file. When you do so, you will see an empty Message Flow canvas mainxml

Observe in the Main Palette on the right-hand side the Solace Connector and all the different operations that you can use in the flow. solace-palatte

Let's go ahead and create a basic flow that publishes events to a predefined topic on the previously created solace broker.

Drag the publish Palette from the Solace directory into the Message Flow canvas


Ensure that the "Connector configuration" of "Publish" in the bottom pane is selected with the Solace PubSub+ Connection configuration "Solace_PubSub__Connector_Config" created in the previous step.

Now that you have a publisher object configured, let's test it out! In this step, we will configure a scheduler that will publish messages every second on a predefined topic

Flow Configuration

Subscribe to topic on the broker

Before executing the flow, let's setup a subscriber on the broker to observe the messages flowing. To do so:

And that's it! You can check out demos on SolaceProducts/pubsubplus-connector-mule-docs github repo to see other functionalities with the broker.

Now that you have created a publisher flow and tested it, let's go ahead and create a Direct Topic Subscriber object that will connect to the broker and subscribe to the topic we sent. To do so:

Direct Topic Subscriber


%dw 2.0
output application/java

We successfully created a publisher to publish events on a topic to the PubSub+ Broker, and subscribe to the topic as well. This Mule-Solace interaction is enabled using the Solace PubSub+ MuleSoft Connector.

βœ… We were able to show how to create a new Solace Cloud Account
βœ… Install Anypoint Studio
βœ… Install the Solace Connector
βœ… Configure a publish object
βœ… Use the Solace Cloud TryMe tab to test out our connection and configuration
βœ… Configure a subscriber object
βœ… Run the subscriber flow to receive the published events

Thanks for participating in this codelab! Let us know what you thought in the Solace Community Forum! If you found any issues along the way we'd appreciate it if you'd raise them by clicking the Report a mistake button at the bottom left of this codelab.